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Sorry for the delay (And posting lackthereof )!!!

I will continue to update this blog but will be switching soon to (the recent posts can be found there). In the meantime I will be going to my first convention as an exhibitor! EXCITEMENT! I will be sharing a table with artists Apple D. and Kevin Agoncillo
at Toronto Comic-Con on March 9 and 10.

Our table is located in a92 at artist alley. COME and support some great art!!! Woot!
After a convention flu nearly set me back for two weeks, I’ve tried to get back on the saddle and do some pieces (and deal with other errands and whatnot). Recently I’ve been exploring the poem of the Silver Swan and the idea of a ‘last song’. A Swan Song for lack of better words. Here are some of my explorations so far, hope to post some refinements soon.

An update (long overdue)!!!

I've left this blog in a hiatus but I've brought tidings of new art I've been doing. Subsequent posts to follow but I hope you enjoy what you see!