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Nigerian Email Fraud (the final)

So here it is (unless I change my mind again). The task of this assignment was to interpret an illustration from reading a nigerian email fraud incident. To sum up the chosen article, the recipient of the email is called to be 'the next of kin' and facilitate the transfer of the money from a dead mining contractor by opening up a bank account.

And yes, boogeymen still exist.


Business Card and (ALMOST) Nigerian Final

1) The set of business card designs are part of an assignment involving designs for a business card (and branding it with your own creative identity). So the design on the left is minimal. I'm fond of using black as it forces all other elements to "pop" (hence the use of white in my fonts). The design to the right is what happens when I've decided to throw as many color elements as I can, and using the subtlety of an earthly brown tone in the background. In other words, I did go apesh- (lol). I wonder which one I'll go with...

2) FINISHED? Maybe? Nay? I've yet to adjust many of the background colors and tighten this all up.

And on that note...

 New banner design to the blog...thoughts?

Cya soon!


Monday night randomness.


 More to follow.

Saturday night photoshop-a-mania

Just dabbles and more in progess!

1) Orion and Darkseid from DC Comics. Of course I don't own these characters, but I do enjoy reading their characterizations...
2) Just trying to play around further with the lighting values...and fixing this up sooon!

Friday Fun...maybe?

I'll let you decide.  Just another after effects test.

ANOTHER work in progress (painting+video) :/

The first piece is a work-in-progress painting for an Interpretive Illustration assignment. More details to follow (on the next post!).

The next piece is just an experiment/test on after effects. I was trying to create a scene regarding objects being fired at an air blimp. I don't know if I'm gonna redo this, but this made for good practice.

logo design explorations...WIP

The task is to design a logo for a business card, so here are some explorations.

february sketches p1 2011

Mighty Frost ice cream final+ Interpretive Final

I'm happy with the results of this video. Of course there's room for improvement (I might fix that intro into a minute and a half when I have time), but here it is! Music credits go to Freesound

As for the interpretive final, I feel that I could've eliminated unecessary elements with this piece. Regardless, I'm content with the results. Bring on the next assignment!

Interpretive Illustration- recipe assignment (WIP VERSION)

The task of this assignment is to create a recipe for a potential 'college guide' book. It could be about cooking, or anything whimsical or something least expected. My approach to this was the idea of paying homage to art history...or at least an attempt to, by the means of a prank.

More to follow on the next post.