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NEW POST-12/02/2010

NEW POST- november 2010 (zombie network diagram + cd cover (mock up)


random animation excercise...garbage crumple.


Goodbyes are hard

Inspired by the song "It's Okay" by Land of Talk.

Just a little fun.

On to the next one...(WIP2)

WIP- spot illustrations



triple threat

New work- August 2010

I haven't posted anything new lately but I hope this work will make up for the lack of any updates.
Feedback is much appreciated!


I've been playing around with some programs to try and make a progress that works to my sensibilities. The result is the use of three programs, culminating in this self portrait. Comments and critiques are much appreciated.

Atomic art dump part 2

Atomic art dump part 1

Alfred Hitchcock would be proud :)


This Easter weekend I spent a day and a half working on this final self portrait painting. For now it stands as a work-in-progress and I've got a long way to go before I can "finish" this piece.

Originally, my concept was to do an indirect retake on the Uncle Sam poster (possibly to motivate myself creatively in times of being burnt out), but I ended up wanting to speak my thoughts on how breakfast is this important thing we all forget too often. And yes, that is milk I'm spilling.


With the immense homework load, and just being on a deadline frenzy I've been working little-by-little on something just for fun.

I've always had an appreciation for Harley motorcycles, whether its distant or not is for you to judge. This is just a quick render I did and wasn't thinking so much of anything to accomplish in doing this.


I'm psychotic synchypnotic

Illustration for a computer assignment, to utilize an approach similar to Norman Rockwell using photo reference. I will post the reference in the following post but for now here's a teaser:


Media Assignment- Beauty and the Beast WIP

WORK IN PROGRESS! Song Metaphor (House of the Rising SUN)

NEW STUFF (March 2010)

PIECE 1-VERY Self- Explanatory lol. I've been digging a lot of infographic and design works as of late, so I did a mindmap-style approach of what it's like to go through a (terrible) night of getting work done and the factors that go into it.

PIECE 2- This piece was originally taken from a sketchbook render I made with a pentel inkbrush. I was gathering mental images of a sabretooth skull and without reference and just for the fun of second-guessing, I designed a skull loosely based on said creature.

new work march 2010 (part 1)

This is the first of four self portrait works I have done for a life drawing assignment. The task is to interpret the person (be it yourself or a friend, etc) in an interesting way. For this piece, I wanted to portray myself as a rugged, take-no-bs kind of fighter as a metaphor to my work ethic in most assignments I work on.

I always appreciated an athlete's definition of intensity, be it a boxer, an mma fighter, etc. training in extreme conditions to bring your best moves to a match. The same can be said for artists- we all try to formulate or experiment approaches, concepts and ideas to see if we can evolve or bring a technique we weren't fond of using before. The mediums used in this piece are a combination of acrylic ink, white, sienna and black conte, red gouache and a slate grey pencil crayon.

More works to come! STAY TUNED.

HADES (collage)

Jekyll and Hyde WIP 3

Jekyll and Hyde WIP Part 2

Jekyll and Hyde WIP Part 1

1) The victim
3) Hyde!


New dump

I've been going on a rather abstract route with my art. I dunno where I'm going with it and I'm not exactly accepting this but at least it helps me filter out new approaches. All of these were done through a mix between CS4 and Corel Painter 10.