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Another demo test

Here is another work-in-progess video for the video game assignment (posted as 'character designs'). Just a character selection test this time.

Mindless dabblings on a saturday night

1) Another poster design exploration (there were ten more but I figured I'd show this one off)
2) WIP of a personal piece...cowboys and samurais...
3) Big Lebowski. Entertaining.

poster design final (art and art history)

This is part of a poster design assignment, where the task was to give an interesting, hip and vibrant take to a program belonging to a program (of the teacher's choosing). I was given the task to design the poster for the Art and Art History program, and here is the final result:


This work is part of an assignment using concept work and After Effects. The task was to make a pitch to an ice cream company who wants to create a video game for the i-pad. This is just a work-in-progress, and a rough cut of the video opening.

SONG: (sampler/loop) Glitch Mob- "Drive it like you Stole It"

I don't own any rights to the song, I'll change it in the final version :)

Sketchdump, part 2- January 2011

First entry of 2011: US trip...sketchdump!