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Alfred Hitchcock would be proud :)


This Easter weekend I spent a day and a half working on this final self portrait painting. For now it stands as a work-in-progress and I've got a long way to go before I can "finish" this piece.

Originally, my concept was to do an indirect retake on the Uncle Sam poster (possibly to motivate myself creatively in times of being burnt out), but I ended up wanting to speak my thoughts on how breakfast is this important thing we all forget too often. And yes, that is milk I'm spilling.


With the immense homework load, and just being on a deadline frenzy I've been working little-by-little on something just for fun.

I've always had an appreciation for Harley motorcycles, whether its distant or not is for you to judge. This is just a quick render I did and wasn't thinking so much of anything to accomplish in doing this.