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After a convention flu nearly set me back for two weeks, I’ve tried to get back on the saddle and do some pieces (and deal with other errands and whatnot). Recently I’ve been exploring the poem of the Silver Swan and the idea of a ‘last song’. A Swan Song for lack of better words. Here are some of my explorations so far, hope to post some refinements soon.

An update (long overdue)!!!

I've left this blog in a hiatus but I've brought tidings of new art I've been doing. Subsequent posts to follow but I hope you enjoy what you see!

Viking (process)

Final editorial assignment

Processed Goodes



Ballet (?) preview

Thesis process final round pt.1 (WIP)

These are progress (so far) of the last set of thesis works.

Processed Goodes (wip)


More to come...STAY TUNED!

Hangover Cure

Marie Colvin, 1956-2012


Colvin/In Memoriam (wip)

Old Congress

new updates!

I haven't updated in weeks (or nearly a month) but I figured I'd throw in a miscellanea of process and finished works.
 An editorial piece regarding the age of people entering congress (and how old-world the mentality is).

The roughs here will be detailed in a future post, check back soon! :)

Editorial Thesis- #occupydc

This piece was derived from a Bloomberg article (THREE WEEKS AGO).

Update 2: Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep- demo

Here is a work-in-progress for a short film I'm putting together. Still a rough cut, but I'll add more progress as this project continues.

Illuminated Luminaries, Part 2 (DARWIN)

Illuminated Luminaries, part 1 (TESLA)


Sorry for the lack of updates!...

...But long story short, I've had to restart a project over. It's good and bad- good in the sense that I still have six months to make up for this 'loss of time' and bad for not seeing it sooner. By this I mean investing in a project with an unrealistic deadline. That said, I'm currently working up a series of new Illustrations (with a more practical deadline!) In the meantime, I offer these personal pieces I've worked over the Christmas break :).