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I'm psychotic synchypnotic

Illustration for a computer assignment, to utilize an approach similar to Norman Rockwell using photo reference. I will post the reference in the following post but for now here's a teaser:


Media Assignment- Beauty and the Beast WIP

WORK IN PROGRESS! Song Metaphor (House of the Rising SUN)

NEW STUFF (March 2010)

PIECE 1-VERY Self- Explanatory lol. I've been digging a lot of infographic and design works as of late, so I did a mindmap-style approach of what it's like to go through a (terrible) night of getting work done and the factors that go into it.

PIECE 2- This piece was originally taken from a sketchbook render I made with a pentel inkbrush. I was gathering mental images of a sabretooth skull and without reference and just for the fun of second-guessing, I designed a skull loosely based on said creature.

new work march 2010 (part 1)

This is the first of four self portrait works I have done for a life drawing assignment. The task is to interpret the person (be it yourself or a friend, etc) in an interesting way. For this piece, I wanted to portray myself as a rugged, take-no-bs kind of fighter as a metaphor to my work ethic in most assignments I work on.

I always appreciated an athlete's definition of intensity, be it a boxer, an mma fighter, etc. training in extreme conditions to bring your best moves to a match. The same can be said for artists- we all try to formulate or experiment approaches, concepts and ideas to see if we can evolve or bring a technique we weren't fond of using before. The mediums used in this piece are a combination of acrylic ink, white, sienna and black conte, red gouache and a slate grey pencil crayon.

More works to come! STAY TUNED.