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Studying Kirby part 1

Studying Jack Kirby is no easy feat. There is a reason why he is one of the many masters of the comics medium. In this reproduction study, I learned that one of Kirby's many strengths lies in his mark-making and his use of geometric shadows. The point of this reproduced drawing was not merely to 'copy' per-se, but to analyze the detail of his process. I will be following this subject with further posts so keep an eye for the next few weeks. 

The Twomorrows Publishing has numerous volumes of the Kirby Collector, dedicated to the life of Jack Kirby as well as many of his never-before-seen original art. These magazines also featured interviews from his peers, admirers and the creator himself.

The Comics Journal interview with Jack Kirby in 1990 (a year before his death). This interview covered Jack Kirby's recollections of his time in New York City, serving the U.S. army in world war 2 and more.

quick hits- June 2011

A little teaser.

Orion and Darkseid (DC Comics)

Quick hits- June 2011



Progress- Shadow

Music: Heartaches by the Number

Quick post- Doctor Strange

(assorted comic characters) The Vulture from Spider-Man