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The making of a comic (part 1)

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates but this has been overdue. I figured I'd take a moment to show a preview of material from an upcoming thesis project (a comic in this case).

I've never produced any (lengthy) sequential work before, and this is quite a major undertaking. For the thesis I am producing a comic novella (I am undecided on the format as of this time but I'll figure this shortly). Through the duration of this production (so far), I've picked up on a few lessons:
 1)It is HELPFUL to have a script finished before you go off to draw.
2) Thumbnails are vital in figuring your visual pacing and storytelling!
3)(The biggest lesson for myself) CLARITY. A good story underwhelmed by poorly rendered drawings could affect the quality of the read.

Beyond this process, it is exciting to spend the time creating your own characters and the universe/environment that they inhabit.

The following images are only works in progress. I will continue to update with new process work. STAY TUNED!


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