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Quick Hits- September 2011 (part 1)

Just listened so some Guns n Roses earlier, took previous and/or unfinished image files and this was the result.


Taryn said...

This is super nice, I love the shape of it as a whole and the painting you have at the bottom with the texture and shapes at the top are really nice together. Also, the colours are really nice! I really dig this! How did you make the texture?!

Allen R. said...

Taryn! Thanks for the feedback!

The texture was used from various resources on Deviant Art and CG Textures (I'll show em on an upcoming blog post), but it's not as easy as just doing a "simple" texture overlay. I often crop it out, paint over them (lightly) or use the pen tool & fill on photoshop. Just depends on what atmospheric tone I plan or intend to go with.

A-Rod said...

Yeah, man, I'm with Taryn on this one. This is pretty damn interesting. I can't say I'm a fan of the text at the top, I think it would be way cool if it was like... cut out of the shape and made part of the art. Still though, the shapes and textures are blending nicely. Good colour scheme too man, I want to see more of this stuff!

Allen R. said...

Thanks A-Rod!!! I'll definitely be trying this color scheme more often.

German said...

Hey Guy,
If you need to use words to say it, your concept isn't strong enough :P

Stay away from text to get your point across.

Other than that, every thing looks honky-dory!


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