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This work is part of an assignment using concept work and After Effects. The task was to make a pitch to an ice cream company who wants to create a video game for the i-pad. This is just a work-in-progress, and a rough cut of the video opening.

SONG: (sampler/loop) Glitch Mob- "Drive it like you Stole It"

I don't own any rights to the song, I'll change it in the final version :)


Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Looks really interesting! For some reason, the video reminded me of those old classic street fighter intros, with the flashing "start" at the intro and arcade-like music :p looks great by the way, are you actually going to make a game preview using after effects? such a great program, I missed it :(

Keep it up!

Allen R. said...

Thanks Ed!

Yeah, I was trying to visually aim for a homage of the days of the arcade games (WHICH IS SORELY LACKING lol).

As for the preview of the game, we'll see. I haven't made up my mind yet as to how I'm gonna present the in-game sample. Decisions, decisions!

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